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  Catalog > Eminence Organic Skin Care > Almond & Mineral Treatment
Eminence Almond & Mineral Treatment (2.0oz/60mL)

Gently exfoliate with finely crushed almonds to uncover gorgeous skin that feels soft and supple. Paprika stimulates and oxygenates the skin, leaving the complexion rosy, while ground ivy tones and tightens the pores. If you feel daring, use on your neck and décolletage for an all over irresistible glow that demands attention!

Size: Jar 2oz/60mL.

Texture: Granule Exfoliant.

Skin Type & Condition: Dry/mature/non-sensitive/dehydrated skin.

Features & Benefits:

Stimulating & Exfoliating,

Refines the epidermis,

Assists in stimulating cellular metabolism,

Increases circulation and oxygenation to the cells,

Supplies minerals and nutrients to the skin,

Regenerates the skin and restores elasticity.

Usage Instructions:

Apply a thin layer of product with fingertips to perfectly cleansed skin, avoiding the eye area. Dilute for easier application. Leave on for 5–10 minutes. Due to the highly stimulating effect created by the herbs, a tingling, hot sensation will definitely be felt for short time. This is not an allergic reaction! This sensation will calm down and decrease to normal in 5–30 minutes. Depending on the skin type, the face will be rosy or red during the stimulating process diminishing into a very healthy glow after an hour. The complexion will be refined, smoother and healthier looking for days. Highly tingling sensation and redness can last up to 20–30 minutes. Use of a Couperose-C Serum is recommended after removal of this product.

Key Ingredients:

Crushed Almonds: Vitamin E oils, refines, revitalizes and enriches the skin,

Paprika: assists in increasing stimulation and oxygenation of the skin,

Pectin: enriches, nourishes and moisturizes the skin,

Ground Ivy: tones and tightens the pores,

Zinc Oxide: soothing and healing Biocomplex™: an antioxidant booster of Vitamins A, Ester-C, E, Coenzyme Q10, Alpha Lipoic Acid.

Weight:1.00 lbs
Price:$ 34.99 US
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14 Feb 2014

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