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Original Real Botox Alternative straight from manufacturer Sold in only in Physician Offices for over $185 U.S

A non-toxic, anti-aging serum to complement Botulinum toxin injections!
This revolutionary product relaxes facial muscles, helping prevent fine lines induced by repeated facial movements.
It works in a non-paralytic way through the gradual reduction of neurotransmitters that initiate muscle contractions.
Minimized fine lines and wrinkles without the expense or side-effects (such as loss of natural expression) commonly associated with Botulinum toxin injections.
Simply apply to the areas of concern and expect visible results in as little as 2 weeks.

Linurase serum reduces the depth of the wrinkles in the face caused by the contraction of facial muscles when making expressions, especially in the forehead and around the eyes. Linurase serum also prevents aging of the skin induced by repeated facial movements caused by excessive catecholamine (hormone) release.

It penetrates the dermis and supplements the necessary nutrients for skin health, elevates the activity of skin cells, and improves the elasticity of the skin.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does Linurase Serum Work?
Linurase Serum is a deep-penetrating, bio-active topical formula that is based on the breakthrough Botulinum Toxin A. The active formula in the Linurase Serum has been shown in clinical trials to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles- without irritation, painful injections or surgery. Linurase Serum also includes a proprietary combination of skin firming agents, elasticizers and skin hydrators.

How do I apply Linurase Serum?
Begin with clean, dry skin. Apply the serum three times daily (do not exceed 3 applications in a 24 hour period).
Use sparingly as Linurase Serum is a concentrated formula.
Massage a small amount of it into the target area using a circular motion until product is absorbed.

When will I begin to see results?
In as little as 2 weeks, Linurase Serum can produce a visible reduction in the actual length, depth, volume and surface area of existing wrinkles. (Please note that everyone"s skin reacts differently and it may take you longer to see desired results.)

Does Linurase Serum work on old wrinkles?
Yes, it works no matter how long you"ve had your wrinkles.

Does Linurase Serum work on all colors of skin?

Is Linurase Serum safe?
Linurase Serum is both safe and effective for all skin types.
Weight:1.00 lbs
Price:$ 72.00 US
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