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Latisse 3ml

Eyelash Growth Treatment

If you are suffering with sparse and thinning eyelashes, then Eyelash Growth treatment using a medicine called Latisse can help.


As we age, eyelashes can become more sparse and start to thin out. People who suffer with a...
Price: $ 140.00 US

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A non-toxic, anti-aging serum to complement Botulinum toxin injections!

This revolutionary product relaxes facial muscles, helping prevent fine lines induced by repeated facial movements. It works in a non-paralytic way through the gradual reduction of neurotransmitters that initiate muscle...
Price: $ 72.00 US

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Price: $ 1.00 US

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Intense Wrinkle Correction

Fills deep wrinkles, rebuilds skin leaving it brighter, firmer and smoother.

For all skin types

For eye contour, face and neck

Non irritating



Price: $ 105.00 US

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PCA phze 25 Exlinea Peptide Smoothing Serum

A peptide product like no other, ExLinea is packed with chiral ingredients that are scientifically formulated to match skin cell receptors and guarantee that the best possible result will be obtained. Hyaluronic acid and plant polysaccharides increase intracellular moisture. Antioxidants...
Price: $ 77.95 US

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